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Natural Space has completed the interior plant wall design for Beijing Shunyi International School. It is the latest

work in natural Space's ongoing exploration of urban renewal and community activation, aiming to create inspiring

Spaces to activate people's inner harmony and comfort.

  • 项目实景/Project reality



With this project, we wanted to take a fresh look at the green ecology of the city. We completely opened up the interior of the building,

not only the exterior, but also its core: the interior space. We hope to bring new vitality to the campus area, so that the vitality of the

space and students to establish a closer connection, for the campus to bring more green and open future.

  • 激活/Activation



Before the design l stair corridor space is stiff and monotonous, the white wall gives a sense of lack of vitality and vitality.

The staircase corridor space is introduced into the concept of natural green lung, creating a vibrant rhythm area.

  • 前期现场实景

  • 分析图



The plant wall with a total height of about 14 meters is relatively difficult to construct and maintain in the later stage. For the sake of safety,

the use of electric hoist blue and otherequipment is abandoned, and the maintenance channel is set up in layers, and the construction of

aerial work is carried out with the help of modified scaffolding.

  • 入口门厅效果图


The entrance area connects the green wall with the land and water landscape, creating a natural aesthetic.
  • 一层楼梯间效果图

  • 二层楼梯间效果图


Walk through the green stairwell and feel the natural atmosphere.

  • 顶层楼梯间效果图


Through the group collocation of different plants, the plant wall has a certain level of change.